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Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Again...

Eric had a basketball tournament this weekend. They got second place. In the finals they went into double overtime and lost by two points in sudden death (sudden death in basketball?).

Losing stinks, but I had fun taking pictures with my new (used) eBay lens.

Eric's teammate, TJ, in the blue jersey. I just love this picture! And I have no idea what setting my camera was on. I just got lucky that I was able to freeze the shot like I did.

E-Man making a basket

And again...

And again...

Getting yelled at by the coach

I'm right here!

Can you see me now?

A teammate's mom, Tammy, with her grandson

And why the title "Not Again"?

Because this...

is where we were this morning...

The physical therapist's office.

E twisted his ankle during yesterday's game. It was swollen, but he could sort of walk on it. It's the same ankle he broke in 8th grade, so I thought it was just still swollen from then. (Don't laugh.)

This morning, though, he woke up and couldn't walk because of his KNEE! Which hadn't bothered him at all yesterday.

So I called up the PT and he got us in right away. He pressed on some places making Eric almost say really bad words...

He thinks his ankle could be broken and that his knee, which was probably hurt at the same time as his ankle, could have damage to the meniscus.

At 9:00 tomorrow morning we'll see the orthopedic surgeon who saw Eric for his back fractures. He's probably going to take one look at us and say...

Not again.


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