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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess Who's (Not) Coming to Dinner?

Everyone who knows me knows I hate to cook. I’d rather pick up dog poop or stick pins in my eyes. I get very little enjoyment out of eating unless it’s ice cream or candy. I definitely eat just to survive, so why would I bother cooking?

My husband and son, however, prefer something other than mac-n-cheese or cereal (my personal favorite), so I figure once in a blue moon I can give up an hour of reading to do what most moms and wives do daily and with little effort…indulge them with real food.

So the other night I pretended to be Rachel Ray and chopped up and measured capers, parsley, garlic, lemon juice, wine

and chicken broth and put them in tiny condiment bowls,

ready to add to the chicken when the recipe beckoned.

When everything was almost finished, I texted my husband that dinner was ready.

He texted me back that he was on his way to a meeting, which I knew about but thought he’d come home first.

I yelled for my son to come to the table. He yelled back that he was going to dinner with his girlfriend.

So guess who came to dinner.


Kim Crawford.

We had a great time.

No hard feelings. I’ll cook for my family again sometime.

Next year.


Kaminski Family said...

OMG that totally sicks!! Sorry you had to endure a full meal all by yourself. No wonder why you're so skinny... you don't like to EAT!!!!!!


Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Haha! It looks delicious (especially the WINE part!!)! Sorry you had to enjoy it alone!

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