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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flight Attendants and The Good Ol' Days

I remember flying in the good ol' days.

Back when the economy was good, everyone was happy, and the flight attendants - doing their best to please passengers - looked like this

And it worked both ways. If the flight attendants were happy, the passengers were happy.

Sometimes the flight attendants even took passengers' cameras down to the galley and snapped pictures to be developed after vacation that would extend special memories to the end of time.

I sure do miss those days.

Back when blankets and pillows didn't cost $8.00 and you didn't have to pay $39 extra to sit in the exit row.

Checking luggage didn't cost an extra $20 per bag.

And the flight attendants didn't look like this

Yep, those were the days.

(Disclaimer: To prevent unnecessary embarrassment and/or dismissals, my selective memory precludes me from recalling the name of any airlines in pictures posted above. Also, just a thought, do you think it's possible that the old flight attendant and one of the sexy flight attendants from the past are one and the same?)


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