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Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Basketball" and "Eric" in the Same Sentence! Woo hoo!

It's been a long four months of recovery from his stress fractures, but I'm excited to finally use "Eric" and "basketball" in the same sentence.

Eric had basketball tryouts for the Majestics AAU team this past Tuesday and Wednesday. He found out he made the team on Wednesday, they had one practice on Thursday, and last night had their first game. Against the best AAU team in St. Louis, the Eagles. Nothin' like jumpin' right into the competition.

I took this the night of tryouts. Forty kids tried out and they ended up making two 16U teams of 10 or 12 players. Eric was on the court scrimmaging when I took this.

Last night against the Eagles.

This kid getting a piggy back ride from Eric was about the same height (maybe a bit taller), but he was huge. Hard to believe these kids are only 16.

Eric's team is really short, except for him obviously :)

The Majestics lost by a lot. I don't remember the final score except that we only scored 26 points. Eric scored 6 (I think he only missed once). He started the game and got a lot of playing time, but the other team was so much better and bigger and our guys just couldn't score. They play again tonight at 5:45. In two weeks they're going to Knoxville, Tennessee for a tournament. They'll also be going to Orlando, Minneapolis, Lawrence (KS), Kansas City and I'm not sure where else. I'll try to go to as many cities as I can because the coaches really want help with chaperoning.

Random pics taken with my new telephoto lens and macro lens. And just in case you want to follow my photography blog I just started, you can click here.


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