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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Diagnosis: Left Salter Harris I fracture, distal fibula (AKA broken ankle)


Approximate healing time: 3 weeks

Prognosis: Excellent

His knee felt better today and should heal on its own.

So good news, really. It could have been much worse.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Again...

Eric had a basketball tournament this weekend. They got second place. In the finals they went into double overtime and lost by two points in sudden death (sudden death in basketball?).

Losing stinks, but I had fun taking pictures with my new (used) eBay lens.

Eric's teammate, TJ, in the blue jersey. I just love this picture! And I have no idea what setting my camera was on. I just got lucky that I was able to freeze the shot like I did.

E-Man making a basket

And again...

And again...

Getting yelled at by the coach

I'm right here!

Can you see me now?

A teammate's mom, Tammy, with her grandson

And why the title "Not Again"?

Because this...

is where we were this morning...

The physical therapist's office.

E twisted his ankle during yesterday's game. It was swollen, but he could sort of walk on it. It's the same ankle he broke in 8th grade, so I thought it was just still swollen from then. (Don't laugh.)

This morning, though, he woke up and couldn't walk because of his KNEE! Which hadn't bothered him at all yesterday.

So I called up the PT and he got us in right away. He pressed on some places making Eric almost say really bad words...

He thinks his ankle could be broken and that his knee, which was probably hurt at the same time as his ankle, could have damage to the meniscus.

At 9:00 tomorrow morning we'll see the orthopedic surgeon who saw Eric for his back fractures. He's probably going to take one look at us and say...

Not again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eric B-Ball Video Clips

These are really short, edited clips of Eric at the tournament this weekend. I haven't figured out yet how to put it all into one video.

His team got 2nd place. They lost to the Eagles, which I mentioned in a previous post is the best AAU team in St. Louis. One of their guys plays for Cardinal Ritter High School, who won the State Championship in basketball just the day before joining the Eagles on Sunday. He's one of the best players on their team (Cardinal Ritter) and he's a sophomore.

E played very well for not having played in four months. He got a LOT of playing time and scored 5, 6, and 8 points. The problem is the guards...they hardly ever give him the ball. They all want to score themselves. When they DID give the ball to Eric, he scored. It's so frustrating because he was wide open so many times and they didn't pass to him. Oh well, as long as they keep winning I'm fine with it.

After the semifinal game, a dad from the losing team, who's son Eric had been guarding, came up to Eric and shook his hand and asked how tall he was. When Eric told him 6'8", he said, "Oh, now I see how you were blocking all those shots." The courts were way below the bleachers, so it was hard to tell how tall everyone is.

Another tournament this weekend in St. Louis and next weekend we go to Knoxville, Tennessee!
Oh, and I bought another telephoto lens on EBay. A used one. Which I should have done in the first place. I'll try not to lose this one.

Monday, March 22, 2010

How Could I?

I, Lynne, promise never to get mad at Eric for losing anything again. Ever.

Remember when I was so excited about the new telephoto lens I bought last week? So excited that I even started a photography blog in anticipation of all the pictures I'd take with it and share with you? The one I took to Eric's game three days ago and LOVED that I could take close ups from the stands, and even posted the pictures below? The one I only used one time? Before I lost it?

Yah, that one.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Basketball" and "Eric" in the Same Sentence! Woo hoo!

It's been a long four months of recovery from his stress fractures, but I'm excited to finally use "Eric" and "basketball" in the same sentence.

Eric had basketball tryouts for the Majestics AAU team this past Tuesday and Wednesday. He found out he made the team on Wednesday, they had one practice on Thursday, and last night had their first game. Against the best AAU team in St. Louis, the Eagles. Nothin' like jumpin' right into the competition.

I took this the night of tryouts. Forty kids tried out and they ended up making two 16U teams of 10 or 12 players. Eric was on the court scrimmaging when I took this.

Last night against the Eagles.

This kid getting a piggy back ride from Eric was about the same height (maybe a bit taller), but he was huge. Hard to believe these kids are only 16.

Eric's team is really short, except for him obviously :)

The Majestics lost by a lot. I don't remember the final score except that we only scored 26 points. Eric scored 6 (I think he only missed once). He started the game and got a lot of playing time, but the other team was so much better and bigger and our guys just couldn't score. They play again tonight at 5:45. In two weeks they're going to Knoxville, Tennessee for a tournament. They'll also be going to Orlando, Minneapolis, Lawrence (KS), Kansas City and I'm not sure where else. I'll try to go to as many cities as I can because the coaches really want help with chaperoning.

Random pics taken with my new telephoto lens and macro lens. And just in case you want to follow my photography blog I just started, you can click here.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lynne's Lowdown

Little Bit O' Lowdown for the family:

Eric found out through Facebook that the AAU team he played with last year but had to quit because of heart problems - the Majestics - were having a pre-tryout workout. He went to that, and I think the coach must have been flabbergasted to see that Eric is 3 inches taller and 35 pounds heavier than last year. E said he was dunking over and over and the coach was videotaping him with his camera phone. I was in the car waiting, and I saw the coach walk out of the gym to his house a few doors down, bringing back four other guys, I guess to watch Eric.**

E said the coach was really excited and told him, "I think we're going to win at least 6 tournaments this year" and "There's a pretty good chance you'll start," and then he had Eric do 45 dunks in a row from a standing dribble and a dunk. Forty-five times. He couldn't even walk up the stairs to the front door when we got home because his knees hurt so bad.

It was great for his confidence, but his knees are shot. They had been bothering him a week or two ago, so he saw the physical therapist who had helped him with his back. He has another appointment on Tuesday.

Tryouts for the Majestics are this Wednesday and Thursday.

**The reason I thought he brought the guys back to watch Eric is that there were only two players there...Eric and another kid.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

That's Your Idea of Heaven?

This week my husband and I both felt we had died and gone to heaven.

My idea of heaven...

I got to go on a two-hour horseback ride with a friend who has this in her backyard

My husband's idea of heaven...

A Corvette detective he hired (yes there is and yes he did) located the original owner of his '67 Corvette, who was kind enough to forward the original dealer invoice, manual, radio instructions, and an old picture of the car.

Our ideas of heaven may be different

But having each other is heaven on earth

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flight Attendants and The Good Ol' Days

I remember flying in the good ol' days.

Back when the economy was good, everyone was happy, and the flight attendants - doing their best to please passengers - looked like this

And it worked both ways. If the flight attendants were happy, the passengers were happy.

Sometimes the flight attendants even took passengers' cameras down to the galley and snapped pictures to be developed after vacation that would extend special memories to the end of time.

I sure do miss those days.

Back when blankets and pillows didn't cost $8.00 and you didn't have to pay $39 extra to sit in the exit row.

Checking luggage didn't cost an extra $20 per bag.

And the flight attendants didn't look like this

Yep, those were the days.

(Disclaimer: To prevent unnecessary embarrassment and/or dismissals, my selective memory precludes me from recalling the name of any airlines in pictures posted above. Also, just a thought, do you think it's possible that the old flight attendant and one of the sexy flight attendants from the past are one and the same?)

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