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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lynne's Lowdown - Feb 25th

The girls' ski trip was fun, fun, fun. Nobody skied because it was snowy and cold (hmm...imagine that). So we shopped. And I took pictures of dogs and bookstores.

"Off the Beaten Path" Bookstore where my friends left me. They had a fireplace and couches and coffee and books. I was miserable.

A store guard dog named Bosco who was sleeping on the job. He's a Giant (and I mean GIANT) Alaskan Malamute.
We stopped at a place where a man sells anything and everything made out of antlers. It was very bizarre.
The man's house.
The shed where he makes the crafts.
Darling skating rink in the shopping area where we went to dinner.
I went with five other girls and we hooked up with some other friends for dinner in Vail before heading to Steamboat Springs. I'm in the back row in the middle with the brown jacket.

The Latest Lowdown:

Neurology appointment: Diagnosis - migraines. We figured as much, but Eric got a prescription for a "vessel shrinking" medication called Maxalt and was told to take that and 3 Advils when he feels a migraine coming on.

Lumbar CT scan/ortho visit today: Good news! On the scan the doctor could see a slight black line where the fractures were, but since new bone is growing all around, E is healed and free to lift weights and play b-ball. Yay.

Tidbit for the uncles: E can now do a two-handed dunk. Not sure how he discovered that since he wasn't supposed to be doing anything but free-throws, but anyway, he's excited about that and ready to take you guys ON.

More basketball news: We found out that seven current varsity players won't be playing next year. Most of them play football and are going to focus on that. At least I hope that's the reason and not because of the coach. I don't know, though. Guess we'll find out.


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