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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lynne's Lowdown - Feb 25th

The girls' ski trip was fun, fun, fun. Nobody skied because it was snowy and cold (hmm...imagine that). So we shopped. And I took pictures of dogs and bookstores.

"Off the Beaten Path" Bookstore where my friends left me. They had a fireplace and couches and coffee and books. I was miserable.

A store guard dog named Bosco who was sleeping on the job. He's a Giant (and I mean GIANT) Alaskan Malamute.
We stopped at a place where a man sells anything and everything made out of antlers. It was very bizarre.
The man's house.
The shed where he makes the crafts.
Darling skating rink in the shopping area where we went to dinner.
I went with five other girls and we hooked up with some other friends for dinner in Vail before heading to Steamboat Springs. I'm in the back row in the middle with the brown jacket.

The Latest Lowdown:

Neurology appointment: Diagnosis - migraines. We figured as much, but Eric got a prescription for a "vessel shrinking" medication called Maxalt and was told to take that and 3 Advils when he feels a migraine coming on.

Lumbar CT scan/ortho visit today: Good news! On the scan the doctor could see a slight black line where the fractures were, but since new bone is growing all around, E is healed and free to lift weights and play b-ball. Yay.

Tidbit for the uncles: E can now do a two-handed dunk. Not sure how he discovered that since he wasn't supposed to be doing anything but free-throws, but anyway, he's excited about that and ready to take you guys ON.

More basketball news: We found out that seven current varsity players won't be playing next year. Most of them play football and are going to focus on that. At least I hope that's the reason and not because of the coach. I don't know, though. Guess we'll find out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

You Can't Make Out in the Front Row

I long for the days when my son was young, when he would smile for the camera and say "cheeeeese" when I asked him to.

Last night, as he headed out on his Valentine's date with his new girlfriend and looked so cute, I asked if I could take his picture.


Actually, it was more like, "Mom, no! I gotta go," growling the way only 16-year-old boys can.

So this is the best I could do...

I felt like the paparazzi trying to snap a picture of a celebrity on vacation.

So yeah, he has a new girlfriend and he gets mad when I write stuff on the blog about him and post pictures of him, so I'm sure he won't be happy that I'm even mentioning this, but my job here is to keep my family informed, and what with the economy these days, lord knows I need my job.


After making reservations earlier, E headed out in a blizzard to pick up his date/new girlfriend (what kind of mom allows their 16-year-old who's been driving less than a month out in a blizzard, I'm still trying to figure out), and took her to a fancy restaurant. He even bought her perfume! I told him if she didn't like it to please give it to me; I'd give anything for an $80 bottle of Juicy Couture perfume. And yes, I am chopped liver.

After dinner they went to a movie, but because the front row is not suitable for making out, they left during the previews. Lesson 1 learned too late: You CAN get a refund for not wanting to sit in the front row, just leave out the you can't make out in the front row part. Twenty-something dollars down the drain.

He drove her back to our house (still a blizzard outside but that could be an exaggeration), probably thinking he could make out here. They hung out for a while - with the door open - and then later went back out in the *blizzard* to take her home.

Lesson 2 learned too late: Dating is expensive.

We'll just leave it at that.

I am so in trouble.

Here's a bit of "Lowdown" that won't get me in trouble:

I'm going to Colorado on Thursday for a girls' trip. I'm not going to ski, but some of the girls are. My knees hurt when I ski. Actually everything hurts when I ski. I told them I'll just keep the jacuzzi warm (hmm, that doesn't sound right). We'll only be gone for three nights. I'm hopeful my son and dogs will still be alive when I get home. I trust my husband completely, it's just that, I don't know, sometimes I have to text him when I'm out of town to remind him to be sure the dogs have water. Kinda scary.

I made an appointment for Eric to see a neurologist next week. He's been having migraines for a year, and this past week he's had three or four. With all the school he's been missing, I figure I'd better have him checked out. I know, what kind of mom waits a year before taking her son to get checked for migraines. I won't win Mom of the Year this year anyway, will I?

E's lumbar CT scan is next Thursday. He's dying to play basketball again.

Happy Birthday to my Dad today! I don't know about you, but I'd sure love to be another year older - in Maui.

My dad pretending to be scouting the sea for baseball talent... Although, the team IS called the Marlins. I guess that works.

He insists he doesn't have a golf club in his hand, that it's just a cane...

And just so my dad feels extra sorry for me, I leave you - and him - with a picture from my house this morning.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Do All Couples Do This Together?

Today my husband and I went and did something many couples do together. It was my first time, but he is a regular.

He took me to a seedy part of town...

to a shooting range...

where I learned to shoot...

and my husband learned...

he better not mess with me...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stella is Not a Loser...She's Aesthetically Challenged

Don't feel bad that Stella only has 2 votes in the beauty contest.

You know how the producers of The Bachelor use the loser as the next Bachelor or Bachelorette? Because Stella got so few votes, she was asked to be on the cover of WOOF Magazine...sort of a consolation prize. So now she's basking in all the glory. Hey, sometimes it pays to be a loser.

She sure is cute, though, eh?

There's still time to vote for, I mean, for the dog you think is the cutest one of all (KC, KC, KC...). You have until February 21st so Click here. Be sure to scroll down to the "Best Dog" category where KC is in 2nd place!! She only needs a few more votes to win. Stella's already a loser cover star anyway, so vote for KC.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder (or the one with the most votes)

Hi everyone, KC and Stella are contestants in a "beauty" contest. Please vote for them!!

Click here to see their pictures and then scroll to bottom of that post to vote. Contest ends Feb. 21st.

Thanks :)

Can you believe that's all I have for the week? At least I'm getting lots of reading done.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Cost of a Flat Tire?

The cost of getting a flat tire in a grocery store parking lot on a Friday night out with your friends...

A can of Fix-A-Flat?

A can of Red Bull and bag of beef jerkey while waiting for Larry to bring a can of Fix-a-Flat? $10.72

Gas to drive home (slowly) on a temporarily fixed flat tire?


Learning to change your own flat tire...


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