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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lynne's Lowdown

The (Short) Lowdown:

Took Eric to his orthopedist appointment yesterday. Everything is going well. He's in the home stretch, as the doctor put it. Next week he'll start sport-specific therapy, working on basketball motions. He's allowed to shoot free throws now. In four weeks he'll have a CT scan and hopefully be released to start (slowly) playing basketball again.

KC's obedience training?


Not so great.

She was just sitting there, like, "What's for dinner?"

Speaking of obedience, KC is never going to pass the class to become a therapy dog. The instructor brought out a wheelchair to see how the dogs would react and KC was absolutely terrified. Also, when a tennis ball was thrown and the dogs were supposed to ignore it as it rolled by? KC was obsessed and couldn't stop thinking about it even when we moved on to another part of class.

So much for that.


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