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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Driving Me Crazy

Dear Siblings,

I found a baby picture of myself! Okay, so maybe I really wasn't adopted.

This is much cuter

Than this

Don't you agree?

Thanks a lot, guys, for using the ugliest picture of me ever. So now that the joke is over, can you please change it out so when mom looks at her pictures I look as cute as (probably cuter than, really) all of you?

Moving on...

Eric's report card was really good this semester, 4 B's and 2 B+'s.

Physical therapy went great yesterday. E got into it and worked hard. I love his physical therapist, Tom, who helped me get back to running after my herniated disc and spinal stenosis years ago. He's amazing. After Eric's next ortho check in 4 weeks, he'll get to start sport-specific physical therapy. Tom is great for that and plans to work on core strengthening.

It's supposed to snow 4 or 5 inches here tonight. You don't know how excited Eric is about that. Well, about having a snow day and missing school, anyway.

Two more weeks and we'll have another driver in the house. E will be 16 on January 17th. You know how excited I've been about not having to drive him all over Timbuktu, right? Well now I'm getting nervous. What if he texts while he's driving? What if he gets pulled over after midnight? What if he drinks and drives? Holy cow. Can I change my mind about wishing time away? It's like when they're little and you can't wait for them to start walking so you don't have to carry them anymore. But then they start walking and it opens up a whole new set of problems. And then you wish again for the days when you put them in one spot and they just stayed there. Aye, aye, aye.

Off to the grocery store for beef stew ingredients, as well as hot chocolate, marshmallows and fire starter logs. We may be stuck for a day or two and I want to be prepared.


Lynette said...

I think you are cute in both pictures Lynne!

Thanks for warning me about Eric getting his license - I do drive on Ballas Road! LOL!

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