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Sunday, January 3, 2010

California Christmas

My dad called yesterday and said, "You've been home for three days now, so why haven't you updated the blog yet?" Or something to that effect.

So thanks to dad, here (finally!) are a few highlights from our California trip.

We gave pictures to my mom for Christmas of us as babies (except for me...Since I was adopted, they only had an older one of me. Just kidding. Nobody could find a baby picture of me. Hmmm, maybe I was adopted). My mom never cries, but she shed a few tears when she opened this box.





The adopted one... Me

Eric and his step-cousin Ricci (my stepdad's Bob's daughter Cori's daughter - did you get that?)


Uncle Dick, my mom, and Aunt Lyn


My nephew Mark with Channing

My sister Krista and Mark

My brother Ryan

My niece Maysen with Cabo

Is that an ocean view or is that an ocean view? (At my mom and Bob's house in Redondo Beach. From the left, my mom, Mike, Eric, Ryan, Maysen, Gary and Bob)

Eric and Kelly having their annual "who's taller" photo taken. Somehow Kelly keeps shrinking. (I don't know whose face is funnier, Gary's or Krista's.)

At my dad and Trudy's. From the left, Maysen, Gary, Ryan, Mark, Krista and Dad.

Ryan coming up just a tad short

"Emma Grace" and Annie

I forgot to crop this before posting it.

Eric, Ryan and Surfer Boy, um, I mean Gary

Krista, this is basketball not dancing...

Ryan means business

Coach Eric - bestowed such an honor due to doctor's orders - and his co-coaches Emma and Annie

It's a bird....

It's a plane...

It's Annie and Emma waiting patiently for a treat

Psycho, Trudy's guinea pig

Um, Emma, I think you're supposed to curl up in the bed to sleep???

"Whatch you talkin' 'bout Willis?"



(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Lynne....welcome back. I loved that you shared all those great CA pictures with us. The framed baby photos were a thoughtful gift indeed.

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