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Monday, November 30, 2009

MRI Results

Oh boy, not good.

No basketball for three months. No activity whatsoever for 4 weeks; physical therapy after that, if his pain is improved during physical testing by the doctor.

There are two stress fractures, both at the L5 level in the pars interarticularis. One fracture is worse than the other; one was a new fracture, the other was older. We don't know what caused the fractures.

Eric was the third person today, his age, that his doctor saw with the same diagnosis. It's common. Nothing to do for it but refrain from physical activity. The doctor gave him permission to be a "couch potato."

The news is hard for E, especially since the team got their new shoes yesterday as well as their new warm-ups (really cool maroon sweats and warm-up jacket). He was so excited. The roster has been printed out. The players were introduced at a parent meeting.

But hey, it happens.

It will heal.

It could be worse.



Kaminski Family said...

Yep , It could be a lot worse. Tell him if he doesn't obey, the next step will probably be a back brace...SO NOT COOL LOOKING!!
My niece had a back fracture and she ignored the doc's orders and STILL hass pain after 2 years, even with a back brace.
take care.

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