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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lynne's Lowdown

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☆ low·down (lō′do̵un′; for adj., -do̵un′)


Slang the true, pertinent facts; esp., secret or inside information: with the


The Brentwood game at the Edward Jones Dome will be televised on Fox Sports Midwest at 1:00 today.

Here's a great article from today's Post Dispatch about the "boys from Brentwood."


My new favorite show is on Animal Planet; it's called Pitbulls and Parolees. It's about a lady who owns the largest pitbull rescue in the country and she employs parolees who otherwise would not be able to get a job because of their felony records. It's sooo good!


Is anyone else upset about the new government sponsored mammogram guidelines suggesting women wait until age 50 to have their first mammogram unless they have a family history of breast cancer? What!!?? Eighty-five percent of women with breast cancer do NOT have a family history. Also, by the time a cancerous lump can be felt, it has been growing for 8-10 years! Ask my stepsister Gina, who wouldn't be alive today under these new guidelines how she feels about this. If you are a woman or you know a woman, you should be outraged.


Who was I kidding when I told myself the limited edition white fudge Oreo cookies I put in my shopping cart the other day are for Eric? Honestly.


I've listened to both of my one week. Turns out they're smarter than I thought.

First of all, I've taken my mom's advice to take Calcium pills with vitamin D. My mom's mom had osteoporosis and now she does, and because it's easier to prevent than to treat, I thought I'd better start now.


Then, thanks to my dad, who insisted Eric see a doctor about his back problem, as well as my stepdad, we were able to get Eric in to see one of the Blues' orthopedists. Larry Pleau (the Blues GM) and Ray Barelli (the Blues trainer) pulled major strings to get us an emergency appointment. I can't thank them enough.

Good thing I'm such an obedient daughter, because the doctor took an x-ray and found...

Get this...

TWO broken bones in Eric's back. No wonder his back hurt when he went to practice and tried to play through the pain the other day.

We don't know when it happened, or how, but an MRI is scheduled for Monday and with that the doctor will be able to tell if it's an old fracture or a new fracture. If it's an old fracture there is a concern and question as to why it hasn't healed, and if this is the case Eric could be out for three months. If it's a new fracture it could be a shorter period of time. All we know is that for now he is not to play basketball. Eric is soooo bummed. But I'm glad we finally got an answer. We had a physical therapy appointment (I was going to try that route since the chiropractor didn't help) later that same day, and the doctor told us absolutely not. The bones need to heal.

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!

See you at the Dome!!


Stephanie Kaminski said...

OMG I can't believe he's got a broken back!! Thank GAWD you listened to your Dad!!!
Hope he heals quickly!!!


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