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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lots of Heart and A Bit of Luck

***Updated. I added three more pics at the end, as well as the three newspaper article links.

The Brentwood Eagles are goin' to the Dome!

If you didn't have high blood pressure prior to this game, you certainly did by the end. The Eagles beat the Centralia Panthers 28-27 in the best, most-exciting game ever played in the history of the world. Well, at least in the history of Brentwood.

Centralia had not lost a game in two years. This season they were 13-0. The Panthers thought they had this one in the bag. Especially when they looked across the field at the start of the game to see Brentwood's 25, maybe 30 players, as opposed to their 80 or 90. The Panthers had 10 players listed on their roster at over 200 pounds. They looked scary. The Eagles had no discernible way to intimidate the Panthers, but through their grit, grind and determination, showed them that 30 hearts together, though unseen on the outside, can win a game.

I heard someone in our stands throughout the game yelling, "We've got more heart!!" A truer statement has never been spoken.

Brentwood has not been to the state finals since 1987. It's no wonder then that after the game the Brentwood police and fire department met the team bus at the interstate and escorted them back into town. Everyone is a little excited.

Click here to read an article about the football frenzy in Centralia. This was published in the Columbia Tribune on Friday morning, before Saturday's game.

Click here to see an article from today's Columbia Tribune about the game.

Click here for St. Louis Post Dispatch article. Taylor was interviewed and the article mentions his interception.

Julie in her purple jersey on the fan bus headed to the game

The student section at the end zone

Interesting how they had the two school sections together

This picture of Amanda isn't very clear, but it's still cute

Look at the number of players they had compared to Brentwood (I love this picture)

Here is the same picture but cropped (Taylor Dee #45)

Here it is...PROOF!

Oh yah, baby!!

The students running on to the field

I took this picture after everyone left the stands and ran on to the field

Julie, Taylor and Amanda

Taylor and Amanda

Tywan, Anthony, Andrew, and Dejuan

This is blurry but I like it. Taylor hugging Adam Kobler. Notice Eric in his maroon sweatshirt.

In case you didn't know where the Eagles are going

Same picture but wider view

Brian took the next three pictures.

I LOVE this one of Taylor hugging his mom. Absolutely priceless.

Taylor and Alex D.

So I guess you know where we'll be next Friday at 1:30.


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