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Friday, November 6, 2009

Book Review: Homer's Odyssey

The author, Gwen Cooper, is a sucker. She reminds me of my friend Kay. If you know of an animal who needs a home, especially one who is blind, old, has a leg or tail missing, call her up.

Case in point: I emailed info to Kay from about a puppy named Monet who is blind. I didn't seriously think she would adopt him, but it made me sad and he was so cute. She replied something about possibly adopting him, but she wasn't sure how her other dogs would react. Leave it to Kay to even consider it :)

I'm kidding when I say "sucker," by the way. What they really are is good-hearted.

Monet - click here for more info

Isn't he cute?

Oops, I got sidetracked.

Back to the book.

Homer was a stray found at 2 weeks old and had an eye infection that could have been treated had he been found sooner. Unfortunately his eyes had to be removed. Some at the vet's office suggested euthanizing him since he would be hard to adopt out. The vet, after seeing his spunk and determination, felt otherwise. The vet, who treated Gwen's (the author) other cats, Vashti and Scarlett, asked if she would also be willing to adopt Homer. Gwen fell for him immediately and took him home.

Throughout the book the author writes about her life with three cats, one, of course, who is blind. She discusses dating with three cats, living with a roommate with three cats, moving with the cats back in with her parents, and moving to another state via airplane with them. She wrote about 9/11 when she lived only blocks from the World Trade Center, and what it was like not knowing whether or not her cats survived, after she was forced to leave them alone until people were allowed back in the area. Several days went by before she even knew if her apartment building was still standing.

I loved Homer. He was a hoot. I dare anyone not to fall in love with him while reading this book. He was spunky and courageous and smart. He even taught himself to use the toilet (the author walked in the bathroom and found him balancing himself on the toilet seat). He was determined. Once when he was trying to jump on the side of the bathtub while Gwen was taking a bath, he fell in the water. After Gwen dried him off, he tried again! This time he was able to balance himself and sit on the edge of the tub.

The way Homer relied on his sense of hearing and touch was fascinating. He warned Gwen after hearing an intruder break into the apartment in the middle of the night. He was able to find a closed can of tuna in the cupboard. He knew where Gwen kept tampons, and he would tear open the paper and carry them around like mice, with the "tail" hanging out of his mouth. He may have been blind, but he sure had fun :)

I love how in the book everyone Homer encountered learned a lesson, whether it was courage, determination, not feeling sorry for yourself, not to judge, or just how to have fun!

Great book, but then again I have yet to find a book about animals that I don't like. Guess I'm the sucker.



(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I liked this book a lot. I'm a sucker for shelter animals as well. In fact, I stopped volunteering several years ago as a few too many homeless cats came home with me.

Actually, it was not so different from me in a bookstore, if you know what I mean...LOL

Missy B. said...

This was a very heartwarming story...I fell in love with Homer and Gwen.

I used to work at a vet's office. I adopted some of the most wonderful pets while working there; all homeless, all had come in injured. They were nursed back to health, then came home with me. :)

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