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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basketball - The Latest...

Here's the latest: Yesterday E played well at tryouts. The other kids were telling him to dunk, I guess because he can, so he did, and the coaches were watching too. Brian says his dream is to see Eric dunk in a game :)

Ten kids were cut this morning, leaving 18 kids, only three from the white team that Eric played on last year - Eric, BJ, and Chris. The others left are kids who didn't try out last year and all the kids from the maroon team (the other freshman team from last year). E is feeling confident and loves the contrast from last year when he felt inadequate and weak. I told him that confidence is a huge part of the game.

Tomorrow morning they will make more cuts - he thinks about 6 or 7 kids. Saturday morning they have another tryout and then maybe next week they'll make final cuts.

Oh, and the JV team has a new assistant coach who, according to E, really likes him. Eric said the coach takes him aside and works with him, and he said he knows basketball well.

That's all I know for now :)


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