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Friday, October 9, 2009

Books and Grades


I hope you check out my book reviews (click on book title) on the left sidebar. I've read 23 books since September 1st. Wow. That's a lot of books. And a lot of laundry that hasn't been done :)

I just read a book called Heart of the Game that was sad but so good! It's about Mike Coolbaugh, a minor league player turned coach who was killed instantly by a foul ball from one of his players. The author wrote about other fatalities and injuries in baseball. In fact, I need to ask my dad about one: In 1970, when my dad was playing baseball, a 14-year-old named Alan Fish was killed after being hit by a Manny Mota foul ball at Dodger Stadium. Dad, were you there? Anyway, great book. You can see my full review here or on the left sidebar.

I'm sad to say I didn't read even one page of Pride and Prejudice because it was due back at the library. It's still on my list to read, though, so I'll order it again.

I noticed today in the paper that the Kindle price has gone down to $249. Hello? Anyone out there? My birthday is coming up! Hello? Anyone?



E's grades are good right now. First quarter report cards come out in two weeks.

English 90
Spanish 92.40
Old Testament 91.70
World Studies 88.40
Algebra 93
Chemistry 93.95

Not too shabby. He just needs to keep them up, especially when basketball comes around.

Speaking of b-ball, they ordered shoes yesterday, at least the kids who were invited to condition with Varsity did. E was excited about what kind they are...Nike Hyperize or something?

It will be interesting to see what major Eric chooses in college. Obviously he loves sports and has been talking lately about being a sports analyst. Since those jobs (like on ESPN) are few and far between, he knows he would have to start with being a sports broadcaster. So right now he is leaning towards journalism. He has no problem at all speaking in front of a group of people. When he was 12 and spoke in front of 150-200 people at my grandmother's funeral with such poise and calmness, I asked him afterwards, "Weren't you nervous?" He said, "Mom, I could speak in front of thousands of people and I wouldn't be nervous. I could speak in front of the whole world and not be nervous." Okay, since I get nervous speaking in front of 5 people, we all know this is not my biological child, right? LOL

He's only a sophomore, so he's got time. We've always told him that because he is so good at arguing he should be an attorney, so that's still an option.


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