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Friday, October 16, 2009

Book Review: Pride and Prejudice / B-Ball News

Okay, why didn't anyone tell me this was such a good book? LOL. I can't believe I missed out all these years. I am SO not one to follow the reading crowd (I've got Oprah burn scars), but the fact that this is a classic and was on the GoodReads best books of all times list should have been a good indicator :)

I don't need to tell you what it's about since everyone and their mother has read it, but here's what I thought.

Honestly, in the beginning it was hard to figure out who was related to whom, what with all the mention of cousins and uncles and nephews, etc. And then the distinguished, proper English took some getting used to. But once I got in a groove and got the feeling of Austen's writing (I'm an Austen virgin, what can I say), I absolutely felt the passion. That's it. You know what I'm talking about. I will definitely read this again. I know I'll get something different out of it every time I do.

Thanks for all the comments everyone left encouraging me to read this book. You've opened my eyes to a whole new world.



ALL THINGS PERSONAL (stuff that only my dad and brothers will care about :)

Eric had a scrimmage last night against another high school. He played well and had 10 points. His team won by 3 in a scrappy, low scoring, foul filled game. E is definitely getting better and going up to the basket with more confidence and strength. He needs to rebound more, but I'm not going to say anything because I'm just the mom and I don't know anything.

The little freshman guard I whined about who transferred to DeSmet last week is really, really good. I think he might be famous one day. I guess I'll let him be on our team :) Just kidding. Last night during the scrimmage before E's game, DeSmet's best varsity player (a center), may have broken his ankle. I don't know how that will affect Eric and the freshman center and whether or not they'll be asked to try out for varsity.

Again, I just hope Eric makes the team...any team.

Have a great weekend.


Laura's Reviews said...

Great review! It's always fantastic when someone discovers a classic for the first time!

Nise' said...

It gets better each time you read it. Now treat yourself to the A & E version of P & P!

Unknown said...

Thanks Laura :)

Nise ~ A & E? I believe I shall be so inclined. LOL

L said...

What?? You must be kidding right. You've not seen the A&E mini-series of this book?
That can't be true.

I love this book. Persuasion is my second favorite of hers. Glad you've finally made your way to the true path.

Unknown said...

Lula, I've been living under a rock, obviously. Ha ha. What can I say, I'm a late bloomer. So where shall I go to get the mini-series? Blockbuster? Oh I'm all in a thither now. I must seek out the aforementioned film as it sounds lovely and charming. Toodles!

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