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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Larry's Condos and Random News

This is the ad Larry put in the Ladue News for his condos:

One lady moved in and hopefully two more will be rented soon.

I decided not to take the job after all. We decided it wasn't really worth my time based on what they were going to pay me. Eric gets out of school early some days, goes later in the morning some days, he's got a couple of doctor's appointments coming up, the dogs are going to the groomer's on know, LIFE. Besides, I have too many books to read :)

E has an echocardiogram appointment next week - September 8th. Fingers crossed and prayers welcome. He's been working out with Larry every day and I hope it hasn't done anything to his heart. I'm a little nervous.

Tonight Eric is going to dinner with his girlfriend Ally and her family, whom he'll be meeting for the first time. I know he'll be nervous, but he's good around parents so he'll be fine.

My mom had an MRI on her leg since she isn't getting better, even though she broke it 2 1/2 months ago. Results this Thursday.

Speaking of broken legs, Eric's friend Keith broke his talus (foot-ankle area) in last week's football game. Such a bummer. He had a great game, too, with a quarterback sack. Woot woot!
Get well soon, Kiefer, we love watching you play.

'Tis all. I'd better get goin' and get readin'. The library emailed me telling me Shanghai Girls is in. I'll have to put Memoirs of a Geisha on hold for now.


Lynette said...

Hey, I'm reading a book you read - "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" and I'm loving it. I always check to see what you are reading or read when I need a new book to read!

Wish I had the option to work or not work!

Unknown said...

Lynette, I loved that book. I'm glad you check to see what I've read. On my reviews of the book on the sidebar, I pretty much just say whether or not I recommend it. I've read some books that were all hyped up and I thought they were just okay...and said so.
Not every one has time to waste on a book like I do, and I am truly grateful that I have that work option. I wish everyone did.

Unknown said...

I'm reading Shanghai Girls right now, which is also by Lisa See. I love the way she writes. It's so easy to read.

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