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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Finds / Home Projects


Friday Finds is hosted by Should Be Reading where we list books we've heard about and want to read, and share those new "finds" with others.

I found an interesting book called Ordinary Greatness: It's Where You Least Expect It...Everywhere, a non-fiction book by Brian Jones and Pam Bilbrey where they talk about "simple habits that can lead to extraordinary things."

Some of their tips?

Walk your talk
Do sweat the small stuff
If you make a promise, keep it
Align yourself with "greats" in your life
Know when to ask for help
Surround youself with people who don't think like you

I haven't been reading non-fiction lately, and I like to once in awhile. Looks like a good one.

What books have YOU heard about that you'd like to read?


Now that his condos are completed (and three I hear a woot! woot!), hubs has no projects planned, so what does he do but head down to the dungeon basement to "clean up." I'm telling you, if you have a project to be done, hubs is the man. There is no messing around. He gets something in his head and moves full steam ahead. I know, you ladies are jealous, aren't ya? We took a car load of stuff to Goodwill, which included at least 1,000 VHS movies, had about 15 bags of trash for pick up, loaded a worker's van full of trash to go to a dumpster, and I have 8 items to put on Craigslist (my project), from floormats to tires to an elliptical machine. And then I need to pick out some new carpet!

Post clean up

Need a project done? Hubs needs to keep busy. Wife needs hubs to keep busy.


Kaminski Family said...

The basement looks AWSOME!!! good job!


serendipity_viv said...

Wow - will he travel to England to work? I am very impressed.

Missy B. said...

You are SO LUCKY! :)

Unknown said...

Vivienne: We love England! I'll come too.

Missy: I really am lucky. Even if I tell him a light bulb is out, he'll change it right away.

Unknown said...

Thanks Steph :) Got any projects you need done? LOL

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Could we rent your husband, as mine is a couch potato...LOL

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