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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random News and Book Reviews

Remember my earlier post of this picture of the Canine Companions for Independence dogs? I incorrectly assumed it was done with Photoshop, but my dad emailed the guy in charge of arranging the dogs for the picture and insisted he set me straight, which he did. No Photoshop involved, only smart dogs.

A recent picture of my dad with the CCI dogs. He and Trudy are waiting patiently for a "reject."

Eric had a physical yesterday, and I hate to tell you this Gary, but you are shrinking. A few days ago I had said that, after measuring them back to back, Eric and Gary were the same height. Since Gary has always been 6'8" (6'7 3/4" to be exact), we assumed Eric was as well. But Eric is actually 6'6 1/2", so, well, I'll say no more. That's the good thing about starting out so tall when you're young, Gare.

Brought home Eric a pair of size 14 Nike's yesterday, thinking surely his feet hadn't grown since, what, last year? Silly me. They didn't fit. He custom ordered a size 15 online. Jeez.

School starts tomorrow, with 1/2 day tomorrow and Friday and regular schedule on Monday. Here are E's classes for his sophomore year. Sophomore? Yikes.

Study Hall (Where you do your homework you were supposed to do at home. Is that really a class?)
English (his teacher is his basketball coach from last year)
Spanish 2
Algebra 2/Trig/Geom
Old Testament/New Testament (semester classes)
World Studies

My stepdaughter Julie got her first real job since graduating with her master's in Education in May. She's been looking for a while and getting antsy because of the recession and teachers not retiring, etc. But tomorrow she starts as a 4th grade teacher at a school in Alsip, Illinois, which is about 30 miles from where she lives in Chicago. She's a bit nervous, but she will do great!

I've been a reading fool lately. Yesterday I finished The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, picked up a library book on hold called Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad and finished it already.

You know what the Last Lecture is about. Crazy for the Storm is a memoir about the author, who at age 11 was the only survivor in a plane crash that killed his dad, his dad's girlfriend, and the pilot. The story went back and forth between the author's life while growing up in Malibu with a dad who pushed him constantly to be the best at everything, including snow skiing, surfing and hockey to the actual plane crash. Really good book and an easy read.

Here's what I bought at a used book sale the other day:

The Book Thief (which I'm going to start next)
Drowning Ruth
The Dogs who Found Me
Lovely Bones
Life of Pi
Open House (by Elizabeth Berg)
The Dogs of Babel

Has anyone read any of these, or plan to?


megan said...

Lynnie,suggest a book for me to read. Something that will keep my attention ok. i am so proud of you! xo meg

Unknown said...


I'll bet E is 6'7" when he wears his pink patton pumps:-)

Unknown said...

Funny Joe :)

Meg, what kind of books do you like? It would be hard for me to recommend a book without knowing what you like. I like everything but science fiction, so it just depends what "floats your boat."

Anonymous said...

what area are these dogs in?

Unknown said...

Anonymous: St. Louis

Unknown said...

Anonymous: Oops, the CCI support dogs are in Southern California, near San Clemente (Dad, help me out here).

I thought you meant the "stars" of my blog, my hoosier dogs, KC and Stella.

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