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Friday, August 14, 2009

Pictures and Books

I've read four books in two weeks.

I started the Invisible Wall a while ago but library books on hold kept coming in. Good book, not great. A love story about a Jewish girl and a Christian boy during World War II.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was WONDERFUL and I highly recommend it. It's the story of two Chinese girls who become lao tongs (forever friends) and their nu shu (secret language for women) which they write on a fan that is transported back and forth between their towns. I love novels like this where you learn about a foreign culture and their traditions; in this case, painful foot binding, nu shu - a secret language just for women that is no longer used - and many others. The author, Lisa See, makes you feel like you are right there living with the girls. She also wrote a book that's out right now called Shanghai Girls, as well as Peony in Love, which I haven't yet read.

Okay, I'm a complete introvert, so this book at the library caught my eye and I had to get it. If you are an introvert and throughout your life have been made to feel embarrassed or ashamed because of it, get this book. We are the way we are, and this world would be chaotic if only extroverts existed. Someone needs to be calm, cool and collected! Not sure if you're an introvert or extrovert? (some people are a little of both, but not me), there is a test in the book to determine that.

This wasn't in the book, but my psychologist friend gave the BEST explanation of introverts and extroverts: An introvert has their energy drained by being around people and is re-energized by being alone, and an extrovert's energy is drained by being alone and is re-energized by being around people. So how do YOU get your battery re-charged? Being with people or being alone?

This libary book also caught my eye....FIFTY ACRES and a POODLE? Right up my alley since I would love to live on a farm and I love dogs. Really cute book. The author, a total city person, moves to a farm with her boyfriend (now husband), and their dogs. She knows nothing about tractors, sheep (her neighbor's), or how to mow 50 acres of grass, but she learns quickly.

And yes, I still want to live on a farm.

Click below to see our pictures from California. So cute!

By the way, Eric and my brother Gary are the same exact height, which means Eric is now 6'7 and 3/4". Now I know why Gary always rounded his height up to 6'8". "How tall are you?" "Six seven and three-quarters." :) Eric, who at 15 doesn't like being so tall, rounds it down. If you ask how tall he is - which I don't know how many strangers in the airport did - he'll say 6'7". But really, if he has shoes on, he's pretty much 6'9".

Question two from strangers, immediately after question one: Do you play basketball? Thank goodness for now he can say yes. He has an echocardiogram appointment at the end of October, but he was hoping to get results before tryouts and I think that will be after tryouts. That was their first available appointment. I don't blame him. What if he goes through tryouts, 5 different cuts, makes the team, and then the doctor says he can't play. Hmmm...I'll have to work on that.


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