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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Introducing Lulu

Just wanted to share with you these pictures of Larry's sister's new English bulldog puppy, 8-week-old Lulu. Sasha, the white Coton du Tulear, is also their's.
Isn't she precious?

Honey, can we get one? Look how cute we look together. Puhleeze!!

Can you guys do me a favor? If you subscribe to my blog and get my posts automatically, can you let me know by sending me a quick email or write a comment on here? I can't tell who subscribes and I don't want to send you an email of my updates if you're already getting them.

I forgot to send everyone the post below this, so if you didn't already get it, read on...


Megan said...

that is the cutest ever. Lolita is a French Bulldog and similar. You look good.

Linda Souza Walling said...

Hey Lynne,
If only they stayed this cute! Your puppies are so darling, stick with them. I also agree with Megan, You look great!

Unknown said...

Yes, we subscribe to everything you write and wish you would turbo charge it so we can get it sooner. In fact would you call the hotels that we are at and have them send the bellman up to our room to tell us that your blog is updated:-)

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