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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are You Related?

In Spanish class the other day, Eric's teacher said to him, "Are you related to Joe Moeller?" Eric said, "Yes, that's my grandfather." She said, "Really? I know him. So you're related to Gary Moeller then." Eric said, "Yep, that's my uncle." His teacher said, "Wow. I know Gary really, really well! I can't believe that's your uncle. Does he still live in University City?"

That's when they realized they weren't talking about the same people. Isn't that weird, though, that she knows a Joe and Gary Moeller?

Speaking of names, I think names are fun and interesting. A doctor I used to work for has kept a collection of unusual names for years. He wouldn't show them to us because many of them were patients and you know the whole HIPAA thing...

I went to school with a girl named Persephone who had a sister named Antigone. They were both kind of eccentric and kooky.

So what effect does a name have on a person?

There's a man in our town named Harry Pitts. I mean, really. Did his parents not know when they named him Harold that he might be called Harry? I wonder if he has a sister named Olive.

In high school I knew kids in a family whose dad was a writer; their names were Reed, Wright, Story and Paige. I think that is so clever. At least those are somewhat normal, unlike Apple or Bronx Mowgli or Pilot Inspektor or Fifi Trixibelle. Celebrities try to outdo each other with bizarre names. "Hey, Moses, wanna go ride bikes?"

My mom named me Lyn after her sister and then later changed the spelling to Lynne because she thought it looked "prettier." You wouldn't believe how much prettier I feel having an extra n and e. It's done wonders for my self-esteem. LOL

How about you. Know anyone with an unusual or interesting name? And Dad, Amanda Peabody Jones and Lyndzey McGillicutty don't count since you made them up. I remember when a girl used to call my brother Harry Gary Gopher Guts. Now there's a name for a celebrity baby.


Anonymous said...

My mother named me Lynn after Lynn Fontaine (Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine were a married acting couple way back when, way way back when). My grandmother insisted on adding the E to the end because she said it didn't look finished without it. You and I and only a few others that I know spell Lynne correctly!

Unknown said...

I agree, Lyn and Lynn look unfinished.

I bet you got called Lynnie too. Some family and close friends still call me that.

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