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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leave it to Ryan....

This is going to be quick because we are on the go again. We're leaving for Lake of the Ozarks in an hour. I still haven't posted pictures of Rockbridge from 4th of July, but I'll do that when I get back. Can you say "whirlwind?"

My brother Ryan decided yesterday to join us in St. Louis, so he went standby and ended up going first class even though he was #26 on the standby list. Not only that, but in the airport at LAX he ran into an Anheuser Busch rep that he knew from his days as a bar manager and he told Ryan that he had an extra ticket to the Homerun Derby for the All-Star game being held in St. Louis. Ryan had completely forgotten the All-Star game and festivities were in St. Louis. The guy told Ryan he was going with him and that was that. Turns out Ryan is going to go with him to Mike Shannon's (the Cardinals broadcaster) party and to Ryan Howard's (Phillies player) birthday party. So Ryan will be staying with us for a few more days than he thought.

Too bad he didn't know all this before he got to the airport! All he brought were shorts and swimming trunks!

Leave it to Ryan to have something like that happen to him. He always ends up in fun and exciting circumstances; he once had beers with and talked to Tiger Woods for three hours at a bar, he knows Tony Gonzales, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, he is friends with some of the girls from Deal or No Deal, and I know he has more stories to tell...or not tell :) I guess that's not so unusual in California.

Okay, I'd better go pack for the Lake!

A couple pics for ya...

Me, Krista, Mark and Maysen

Mark, Maysen and KC


meganmcb said...

I love the fact that fun stuff like that always happens to our "ryans" what about us? Love the picture of you guys wish i was there. Love you all. Meg

DARCYB said...

Too true! Couldn't happen to a better guy - lucky dawg! Cute pics Lynnie! Keep 'em coming! cuz' DArcy

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