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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!


That's Maysie on the left, celebrating her 9th birthday with her friends. They were on their way to the salon to have mani-pedis. My sister - not exactly in her right mind - thought a sleepover with 15 kids would be fun. But first, to prove her mind is not only not right but in fact no longer intact, walked the kids to the salon in flip-flops she bought and they each decorated, made up and played organized games when they got back, made and served a spaghetti dinner, cake and ice cream, set up a stage for a dance and show put on by a few of them, made popcorn and served drinks while they watched a movie until almost midnight, and then got up and made breakfast for 15 kids, all with different choices: pancakes, eggs, bacon, donuts, etc. Did I mention the party favors included size-specific tank tops from Limited 2 (now called Justice)? I said, "Krista, aren't the kids supposed to buy Maysie presents."

I'm pretty sure we are not related. Just ask Eric. He'll tell you all about the one time he had a birthday party sleepover. He was 8 and he got to invite one friend.

Click below to watch Eric's friend Addison (or is it Keith?) playing the drums. Now that is talent.


Kaminski Family said...

I like your way of doing parties over Krista's. Yep...she's crazy!!

megan mcbride said...

OMG Lynne. She is just like your mom. Molly is that way. You and I are so not!! How funny. I hope she got a good rest after that. xo meg

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