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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Fun and Photos

We had THE best time at Lake of the Ozarks and did so much in two days it was ridiculous. The kids never had a chance to be bored, and they were well-behaved, polite and a joy to be with.

Here is a photo journal of our trip.

We visited the horses near the condo one night. This one was curious about my camera. Look at Krista's face :)

We brought the horses an apple and they all shared it.


My wonderful, patient, generous hubs, who has taken so many kids tubing over the years he knows every nook and cranny of the lake, has taken so many kids go-carting he could drive the track blind-folded and recite the track rules by heart, and has taken so many kids to Randy's Frozen Custard he could tell you all the flavors without looking.


At where else? Randy's Frozen Custard!
Me, Maysie, Mark and Krista...

Go-carting after dinner (and before ice cream)
Mark, Krista, Me, Maysie, Ryan and Eric

Eric, do I detect a little evil in those eyes? No ramming into the little kids!

Mark, Krista, and Maysie (who had never been go-carting before - she did great)

Krista and Maysie

Ryan and Eric holding on for dear life

Mark and Maysie

Getting ready for a tube ride


Eric and Ryan drove Larry's Corvette because we had to take two cars. I know Ryan was so

It was sad to see them all go home yesterday. Ryan ended up not staying for the All-Star game and festivities. He came here on Krista's standby pass, and all the flights were completely booked through Thursday. He had fun though and was glad he joined in our festivities. It's always fun to spend time with family. Listening to Eric and Ryan banter back and forth is hilarious. They act like brothers, not uncle and nephew. Ryan is 10 years younger than me, so they are 20 years apart.
Our next adventure will be next week when Eric and I go to Bloomington, Illinois for his basketball camp through Hoops Mountain. After that Eric and I are going to California for a visit and to check on my mom, who still hasn't left her condo because the elevator isn't fixed. She is bored out of her mind! Hopefully Gary has been keeping up with his workouts since he has to carry her down 5 flights of stairs for her doctor appointment this week.
I never posted Rockbridge pictures, so if you want to see those you can click here...

I just finished this book and recommend it to all dog lovers!


Kaminski Family said...

These pictures are fabulous!! loks like you all had a blast. Krista's kids are so darling and of course Eric... look out, it's a good thinghe's distracted with b-ball.
LOVE the horse picture with his nose in your camera lense!


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