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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camp News

Here is a pic from Eric's camp yesterday. Several different sports camps are going on, so there are a ton of kids. Can you find Eric?

I talked to him this morning and it sounds like he's having a good time. He was very talkative even though it was 7:15 AM. Mostly he was thrilled about playing in the Pauley Pavilion. He said he just stood in the middle of the court and took it all in. He said, "Mom, no one else feels like I do," about wanting to play there in college. He said, "I played on the same court as Love, Holiday and Collison; it was sweet."

They play basketball in the morning, have lunch, and then play again in the afternoon. Eric is in the 9th and 10th grade group and wants to move up because "it's too easy." The coaches decide if the kids should move up, so we'll see.

Last night they had about 1,000 kids together for a church service in a banquet hall and Eric said they had a comedian "who was hilarious." He said the kids were laughing so hard. He told me one of the comedian's jokes: "I don't know why they say white men can't jump...I got jumped by 6 of 'em last night!"

He really likes his huddle leader, who is about 20 years old. It's his first time and Eric said he's really laid back and cool.

There is a TV in their dorm room, so at night they watch TV before going to sleep.

He said there are "hot girls" there. (So glad to know that.)

Wake up time is 7:00 AM. Breakfast at 7:15. Pretty early considering E is not exactly a morning person.

For breakfast this morning he had: Waffles, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and a donut. He meant to weigh himself before he left but forgot. Hopefully he'll gain some weight there.

That's about it! So far it sounds like he's having fun.


Kaminski Family said...

Glad to hear that he didn't get his BUTT kicked when he showed up in USC garb.
I'll bet he'll be playing there for real soon enough:)


Unknown said...

That's his dream. Nothin' wrong with having a dream, right?

Anonymous said...

I just tried to reply to your comment on my 100 Things About Me post, but I'm not sure if it's going to get to you - the e-mail address was I wanted to answer your questions about book challenges. Write to me at my e-mail ( so I can reply to you.

Sounds like Eric is having a great time! Love the comment about the "hot girls"

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