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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Book Reviews

Kind of author whose book I read saw my review of his book on my book review blog. He wrote a comment to me and put a link of my review on his website. The book was called "Gone in a Heartbeat," and was a true story about his two daughters who were shot and killed in their church parking lot.

Here is his website where you can see my "Lynne's Letters" link:

I just finished "A Courage Tree" by Diane Chamberlain.

Here are the books I have on hold at the library:

The Art of Racing in the Rain
Crazy for the Storm
The Poisonwood Bible
Loving Frank
Everyone She Loved
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus

Because it:

1) Takes so much time to write and post reviews on the books I've read, and because...

2) I'm just reading them so quickly, and because...

3) Hardly anyone reads the reviews anyway, and...

4) If they do read them, they mostly just want to know whether or not I liked the book and/or
recommend it, so...

I am now writing quick reviews on Click on the Goodreads banner on the left side of my blog (underneath the pictures of books) and it will go right to the books I've read and my thoughts on them.


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