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Thursday, June 4, 2009

We've Got Guts

As promised the other day, my story about Eric and his confidence at a young age:

This is straight from my journal, which I always wrote as if writing directly to Eric. He was 5 at the time. And can I just add how happy I am that I kept a journal because as many of you know, I have no memory whatsoever, so if there wasn't a picture taken or I didn't write it down, it didn't happen.

Here 'tis...

"We went to St. John, Virgin Islands for Christmas break. While at the beach one day, 12 adult men were playing volleyball. You said to me, "I want to play too." But I told you only the grownups were playing and that maybe next time you could play with some kids. You marched right over to them - not intimidated in the least - and said, "Can I play?" And you did. They put you right in the middle, and every time you hit the ball it would go everywhere but over the net. The guys kept saying, "Good try, Eric! Way to go!" You never once got frustrated. I have never seen someone so persistent and determined. Although I must say you are totally different at whine and cry and carry on if you get frustrated with a game or something at home. At least you know to behave with strangers.

Anyway, you were playing forever with these guys, and later you took a water break and came over to me. I told you we needed to leave soon and you said, "I can't leave now, Mom, the score is 12 to 8. They need me!" Gosh, I love you. And I hope your self-esteem never diminishes."

That was my journal entry - word for word. I hope your self-esteem never diminishes. Wishes do come true! :) I think it's probably easier to teach a kid humility than to have self-esteem, so I wouldn't change a thing.

The Abs Diet book I'm currently reading? I can explain. My stepson Jason wants his dad to read it, but he knows he won't read it, so he asked me to read it and tell Larry what it says.

Really, though, despite my being inherently blessed with a flat stomach when I was younger, my family failed to tell me that the "flat ab gene" melts, disintegrates or somehow disappears after the age of 43. I'm now 44 and have discovered this on my own. Which is why I'm really reading the Abs Diet book.


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