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Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Pics

We had a very busy weekend.

I took Stella and KC to a doggie play date.

Here is Stella with Frankie.


Frankie (Stella in the background)



Andy smiling for the camera

Andy being "nosy"

Andy and Gus introducing themselves

KC and Chrissie

Gus cooling off while KC gets a drink

Frankie, Stella and Maggie


Eric's big brother Brian (through Big Brothers/Big Sisters) came over with his fiancee Marlys. I addressed envelopes, in calligraphy, for their wedding invites so when they picked them up we went swimming. If you missed the post I wrote about Brian, click here.

Marlys and me - the unsuspecting bystanders...

What the....?

Leave it to Brian and Eric...

to plan something...

like this...

BOYS!!! Harumpf! (Marlys, you better get used to this kind of stuff!)

"I promise, I won't push you in" (famous last words)

Brian and Eric perfecting what they've done for the past 8 years

And then last night...

Father's Day dinner at our house

Can't wait til next weekend to see what it brings!


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