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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I met the CUTEST Sky yesterday...

Yesterday I went to our neighbor's house to take pictures of their baby lab. This is the fourth lab they've had over the years. The new baby's name is Sky, and I am in LOVE! Their other dogs names were Stormy, Summer and Stars.

Can you guess our neighbor's occupation? Ooh, this is a tough one. LOL

If you said meteorologist for the local news station, you are right.

Here is 10-week-old Sky...

Hubs holding Sky

Sittin' pretty

Walking the backyard trail


Unknown said...

Wow, is he the cutest? That is a good looking puppy. How close do they live to you. Have you volunteered to be the neighborhood baby sitter:-) Boy, puppy labs can melt your heart.

Carol said...

Lynne, God makes 'em cute so we don't throttle them when the go pee-pee or poo-poo in the house!

That dog needs a dog park!

Unknown said...

They live about 5 houses down from us. And you'd better believe I've already offered to babysit :) She (it's a girl) was cracking me up yesterday. She is a "stalker." She'll see something in the grass and put her little butt up in the air and then POUNCE! Absolutely the cutest thing ever.

They got her from a breeder in Ohio, and her dad is like the national champion. Really good genes. I asked Larry if we could get one but he didn't think that was funny.

The neighbors are going to get another one - a chocolate lab puppy - in about a year, from the same breeder. They had a white lab and a chocolate lab that died of old age last year so they want two again but want to wait til this one is a year old so it can potty train and teach the other one.

Anonymous said...

Sky is beautiful! I just love puppies, especially little labs. We have two older labs, and there won't be any new puppies for us (sigh).

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