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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family News

My mom finally went to the doctor yesterday. Her fibula was broken all the way through, but it was a clean break so she doesn't need surgery. The doctor said it was her choice whether or not to have a cast. She decided to go with a boot so she could take it off and on. So that's good. When Eric broke his ankle it was such a pain for him to shower because he had to keep the cast dry. She'll wear the boot for 6 weeks. The bummer is - like I said before - their elevator will not be working for another month and she lives on the 5th floor, not the 3rd as I had said in the previous post, so she won't be going anywhere unless my brother Gary gives her a piggy back ride up and down 80 steps. Her birthday is on Saturday, so obviously the party (the family) will be coming to her :)

Eric is working at the basketball camp at his school this week. He is reffing and coaching. He hated it the first day because he got stuck with the little kids (3rd grade) and wanted the older kids (5th or 6th). Plus, he said his team was horrible (and you know how he hates to lose). The first day they were 1-4. Yesterday, though, he really got into it because his team (UConn) lost by only 1 point to the best team (Mizzou). His team was up with 5 seconds left and the other team scored to win. Today they have a "draft" where they get to keep their best 2 players. He bribed some kid yesterday with a quarter (a quarter?) to come to his team today. He's all into it now. The camp is from 8-3 this week and ends on Friday. (Brian: Eric said Steve Stipanovich's nephew is the best player in camp. He's in 5th or 6th grade.)

Larry's dad is in the hospital. He went by ambulance at 4:00 yesterday morning. They're running tests still and are not sure what's wrong with him.

My library books I have on order keep coming in so I'm getting behind on my reviews. I just finished "A Lion Named Christian" and got an email today saying "The Girls from Ames" is ready to pick up. Off I go!


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