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Friday, June 12, 2009

Did You Know...

Did you know that...

...Eric got a 3.6 GPA for the year? I'm very proud of him. This last semester he got 3 As, 3 Bs and a C+ and received Second Honors. One more point and he would have had a B. Not too shabby considering he had to adjust to a new school, new grading system, and new kids. Good job, E.

...Eric does his own laundry? Hallelujah.

...I'm bummed that the Bachelorette - Jillian - dumped Mike the baseball camp owner? Of course I'm partial to baseball players, but what was she thinking? He seemed like a nice guy. Glad Dave is gone, now she just needs to get rid of Wes.

...I want to live on a farm some day. I feel like I'm in my element around cows and horses and chickens. Honey? How's that Maybe we could find a farm near a race track.

...I have four followers on my blog? FOUR. You're impressed. I can tell.


Lynette said...

Yeah Eric! Way to go!

Did you know I want to live on a farm too? How funny.

Drew made B honor all four quarters but should have made A honor roll but because he doesn't apply himself he always gets a least one B!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

That's so funny, Lynette. All these years I've known you and I never knew you wanted to live on a farm. Maybe when we're old and widowed we can move to a farm together :) Not too old, I reckon, cuz how we gonna draaahhve the ol' tractor and milk dem cows?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your BLOG! It's like living the life of the rich and famous! I get to go on trips and see things without spending any money.
No seriously, I really do enjoy reading it.

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