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Friday, June 19, 2009

"Catastrophes Hit St. Louis Home"

Missouri is known for its swirling tornados and catastrophic tsunamis, and hit one St. Louis family especially hard. The following pictures touch upon only a portion of the sadness and tragedy they endured on one hot summer day in June.

First the tornado, which miraculously only hit Eric's room...

Eric escaped without injury, but when he went outside to survey the damage, he realized that there is more to a tornado than meets the eye.

Flying debris had hit the family car...

Eric then hurried to the back yard to see what damage had been sustained there.

When he saw KC sitting on the pool deck with her jaw open and a terrified look in her eye...

he looked in that direction, and that's when he saw the tsunami.

And that's when he flew into action.

Risking his life to save the lives of his beloved dogs - KC...

and Stella...

Eric was able to move both dogs to dry land.

Stella was frightened and shaken from her ordeal, but safe.

Sadly, despite Eric's heroic efforts he could not save KC from the rushing waters of the great tsunami, and she perished before his eyes.

The family is still recovering. The car (which was actually hit by one of Eric's friends trying to back their car out of our driveway) can be repaired. But never will they get over the death of their precious little pup.
The End
P.S. She's not really dead. She was just wilting in the 97 degree weather :)


Leslie said...

It was like watching a movie! I wanted more-I cryed when KC died until you told me she was ok. JK

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