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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Break a Leg!

What a strange comment to make to an actor to wish them luck, huh? My mom isn't an actress but break a leg she did. In the middle of the night. When nobody was home. While walking downstairs from her upper level. In the dark. Carrying dishes in her hand. She heard a crack. It wasn't the dishes. She hoped it was just a sprain. But sprains don't make cracking sounds. She crawled to the kitchen for some ice. She's a nurse and she knew she had to put ice on it. All she could reach was a bag of frozen peas. She crawled to bed. And waited. Until morning. She didn't want to bother anyone. Besides, she thought, it's just a sprain.

Okay, enough with pretending I'm writing a novel, but that really is what happened. She thought she was at the bottom of the step and wasn't. She didn't want to call 911 because she didn't want to bother them. She had to wait until noon the next day when my brother Mike got home from taking finals at school. He took her to the urgent care center because she still thought it was just a sprain. She actually broke her fibula. They put it in a boot splint and she has to see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Bob was in Palm Springs (he's back today) and all my other siblings have been busy, so thank goodness for Mikee. He is an angel! Since she fell on Thursday night, besides sitting in the urgent care center with her for 3 hours, he cooked for her (he is an amazing cook), wired and installed a phone in her bedroom so she could have a phone near her, rearranged her bedroom furniture to make it more convenient for her, washed her bedroom sliding glass door so she could see out, set the coffee maker timer for the morning before he left, and then showed up the next morning at 7:30 AM. Thank you Mike!

The worst part is that my mom's condo is on the 3rd floor, and the elevator - the only elevator in the building - is out of commission for 8 weeks while they install a new one. Not sure how she is going to go anywhere for awhile.

Mi pobre mamasita. Ay ay ay.


Kaminski Family said...

OHHH Your poor Mom!! Hope she's feeling better soon and able to get around. Yay to Mike for taking such loving care of her.


meganmcb said...

OMG Lynnie, she pulled a Megan. Ha. Tell her to call me anytime ok. i am only a few minutes away and she and you would do the same for me ok. Love you all. Meg

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