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Monday, June 29, 2009

All About Me

Free at last

Free at last

Thank God almighty...

my son left for camp today

Just kidding.

But he really did.

So this week it's all about me. When I get in the car, I will drive where I want to go. When I get money out of my wallet, I will be handing it to a salesperson. When I watch TV, I will watch anything but Band of Brothers or Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. When I walk through the living room, I will throw away only my popsicle wrappers.

Yep, this week it's all about me. I'll miss him. But it'll be nice.

Basketball news: This past weekend Eric played 8 games in 3 days. His school's two freshman teams from last year were randomly formed into two teams for a high school tournament at Saint Louis University. Both teams ended up in the finals against each other. Eric's team lost by only a few points. It was a great game, and the boys played hard since all are vying for 13 JV spots for next year. There are three 8th graders (incoming freshmen) who all have a good chance of making the JV team. One is about 6'5" and another is 6'6" or 6'7". So Eric will have to work hard to make it.

The camp he left for today is a basketball camp at UCLA through FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). I dropped him off at the airport at 7:45 this morning wearing all USC attire -hat, shirt and basketball shorts. He said he's not going to tell anyone while traveling that he's going to UCLA because "no one gets it," that someone could possibly like two rival schools. When he's traveled alone in the past - not realizing how young he is - people have asked if he plays basketball at USC or UCLA, depending on what attire he has on. Of course he lies and says yes. He thinks it's funny. And kind of cool.


Lynette said...

I can relate to this! Drew left June 20th for Kansas City and won't be back until July 5th. My house has stayed clean the whole time!

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