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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's the Missing Word?

This post requires participation. No more of this lurking around, reading my blog and not commenting. You entered the room, so now you gotta play :)

Don't worry, it's easy.

Here goes...

Fill in the blank:

"When I walk in to a _____________ , I take in the smells, my adrenaline skyrockets, I get a 'rush,' and I wish, oh how I wish, I could stay here all day."

I can answer this one for my dad - he'll say a computer store. My stepdaughter will say any clothing or shoe store.

People who know me well can probably answer this for me:

A bookstore, library, pet store or Humane Society

I guess that pretty much shows what my passions are.

What about you?


meganmcb said...

When i go to a store that has alot of running or walking shoes. its a hard thing for me to do. i have more running shoes than regular ones. i am always changing shoes because i walk alot and go thru alot of them. I must admit this flaw.

The Pickle Jar said...

A cooking store, like Sur La Table. I could spend hours perusing the gadgets and cookbooks. It calms me and makes me feel very happy inside.

Lynette said...

An antique store or a book store!

Unknown said...


You are part right with the Computer store but I am also very dangerous at a book store...they know me by first name and even know my credit card number without having to scan it:-)

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