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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sweat, Syncope (fainting) and Scholarships

E had his blood drawn yesterday and is still recovering :) I told him not to look. Did he listen to me?!

Uh, Mom, you wanna come back with me? Eric isn't feeling well. As soon as the nurse called me in from the waiting room, I knew. He's got his mom's genes. And his uncle's. And his grandmother's. Fainting at the sight of blood runs in the family.

There sat my baby, whiter than a ghost, if that's possible. Sweat literally dripping off his legs, down his face and through his shirt. There were 5 nurses and a doctor in the room, one holding a small fan towards his face, one taking his blood pressure, one holding a wet cloth on his forehead, and all trying to figure out how to get this kid from the chair to a prone position on the table. Not gonna happen. He was out. We're talking dead weight. They picked up his legs and put them on a chair ("If the face is red, lift the head; if the face is pale, lift the tail"). Then the doctor said, "Look how much diaphoresis he has." Which is doctor talk for Have you ever seen so much sweat in your life? Eric and I laughed about that later. Why can't he just say sweat? Or perspiration? But diaphoresis?

Good thing the vagovasal episode (otherwise known as fainting) happened just after they had already gotten the two tubes of blood they needed, because I guarantee he was not going to go through that again, not voluntarily.

Hey, I told him not to look.

My mom with my brother Mike after receiving his scholarship award the other night. So proud!


Lynette said...

Poor Eric!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Michael!!

Anonymous said...

Yep the apple doesn't fall far from that fainting tree. Remember when you passed out cold at Little Co. of Mary Hospital while we were volunteering?? the poor baby that we were supposed to be holding got pushed to the side so they could scrape your butt off the floor!!. Tell your son!!


Unknown said...

Yes Steph, thanks for reminding me of when my blood phobia started. LOL

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