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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sister! Sister!

I had a great Mother's Day. Hope all of you moms did too. My stepdaughter Julie was home from Chicago, so we all went to breakfast and ate scrumptious high calorie crepes, but not, of course, before a strenuous workout to make up for it (okay, not that strenuous but we did work out). For Mother's Day I got a darling Ella Moss top and lotion that smells like Hawaii (thank goodness for a girl in the family :) and also some wonderful spray and body lotion from my sister (how did I get so lucky?). Oh, and the reason I haven't blogged in a few days??? I got a new computer for Mother's Day and our old computer was at Best Buy while they transferred our data. Our new computer is so much faster, so it's really easy to download and upload pictures. Woot woot! Lucky you.

My sis Krista worked a flight to St. Louis last night, so I got to pick her up and spend time with her during her layover for a whole 15 hours. We went for a run this morning, had coffee, then went to lunch on our way to the airport. We love spending time together doing absolutely nothing. I took this picture of her this morning before taking her to the airport.

Tomorrow is the big day - Eric's cardiology appointment. He told Krista last night that he's nervous about it. Yesterday he bought a new basketball and new net for our hoop. He was out there playing yesterday and today for the longest time. We've talked about what we think the doctor is going to say about sports: yeah or nay. Only God knows. And tomorrow we'll know too. I'll try to remember to Tweet during or right after the appointment at 1:00 so you can see it on the blog right away. Otherwise I'll blog after the appointment and let you know what the doctor tells us. I'm pretty sure they're going to do another echocardiogram, so it will be a couple of hours.

Momma bird is still keeping her eggs nice and toasty. I read on the Internet that it takes about 21 days for them to hatch, so in another 2 weeks I should have some cute pics for you.

Look for a book review on "Columbine" in the next day or two.


Jason Lipsitz said...

Hey Lynne it's Jason cool blog check out mine.

Unknown said...

L. Moejoeller, It's a double knee pad day. I order them by the bulk now:-) God says my plans are not always your plans so we have to trust that He has a better plan for us even if it's not what we think it should be. I'm praying he will get the green light to play.... if it's God's plan.

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