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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures and Puppies

Yesterday I took Eric and his friends Addison and Tyler to the Cardinals game. It was definitely a "beautiful day for a ballgame" and our seats were great.

And here is patient little Momma bird. Just sitting. And waiting.

Spoke to the lab today about Eric's blood test. They said it will take about two weeks for the results. That's better than the 4 weeks the doctor's office told me. Yeah.

Last night I took KC to the vet after a day of head shaking and ear scratching. Turns out she has a really bad ear infection in one ear and a slight infection in the left. Poor baby. The vet who saw her happened to have given her the blood transfusion last year when she ate the penny. He remembered it well :) For her ear infection he gave her ear drops (a two-person job) for two weeks and a pill for the inflammation.

What is everyone doing for Memorial weekend? Anything fun? We (Larry, Eric and myself) are going camping this weekend with some friends. Yes camping. Despite Larry's penchant for "nothin' but the Ritz," he has agreed to stay - just this once - in a tent. I'll take pictures to prove it.


Unknown said...


Now if it was me I would have told Eric that the doctor called and said they didn't get a good sample of blood so they needed to take 2 more gallons....unless, he cleans his room...then only one gallon:-)

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the Ritz too. Don't blame him if he doesn't like the whole "tent" experience...I think it SUCKS to sleep in a tent. My compromise? A trailer. at least you can wash your face and feet before you get into bed. And you also get your very own bathroom!!


Anonymous said...


I/We are staying in Northern Virginia for Memorial Day...Kristine and I entertaining a close friend, who will be in town from Santa Monica, CA....We are not planning on any tents/camping, nor drawing blood (however, I am a one [1] gallon "giver"!! and proud of it!!)...

God Bless,


P.S. we are also looking at Diamonds!! for "the engagement ring"...P

Unknown said...

Dad, I actually thought of doing that. We are so cruel!

Lynette said...

You want to rent our camper?

Unknown said...

Lynette, if it has a bathroom, we are IN! You know that saying...Does a bear poop in the woods? Oh...never mind. We'll just leave it at that. LOL

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