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Monday, May 4, 2009

Nesting and Not Me Monday

I just finished this book and it was hilarious. Here's what the cover says: "Christine Coppa was 26 and living the life of a typical upstart urbanite - a great job at a women's magazine (Glamour); a cramped apartment with two Craiglist roommates; sushi nights with the girls, must-have handbags and overpriced cocktails; $271 in the bank - and then her life was....RATTLED." The author also writes a blog called Storked!

A momma bird spent two days building a nest in the tree outside our front door. I watched her build it from scratch. She carried twigs and grass in her beak and pushed her body down while stamping her feet to shape it just so. I haven't seen her now in two days. Where did she go? Is she partying it up until it's time to lay her eggs? Does she have to sell her other house before she moves into this one? Does anyone know anything about birds? I just hope she didn't decide there was too much traffic, with people going in and out the front door, that she abandoned her nest to build one elsewhere. She worked so hard. I hope it wasn't all in vain.

The nest...

The tree it's in...

Today is "Not Me Monday." I only have one but it's a doozy:

Yesterday I went with Larry to the grand opening of the fitness center at the Jewish Community Center. The son of a rabbi came up to us and introduced himself and a friend. I did NOT!! extend my hand to him in greeting because I would not do such a thing - certainly not to an orthodox Jew who is not allowed to touch women, which I did not know until Larry informed me of such when they walked away. The poor guy probably had to go wash his hands 52 times, repeat a phrase six times, and go to confession - all because of me!

What?!!!! I didn't know!!


Unknown said...


Nice going!! I agree with your move to have Eric not play anymore until he sees the doctor. Not worth it.

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