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Friday, May 1, 2009

Basketball Breaks and Birthday Bashes

The basketball break is mom-imposed. I emailed the coach yesterday, and also called and left a message, telling him that I would like Eric to see the doctor before I let him continue playing. It just can't be a good thing to be letting his blood pump so hard like that through his aorta when it's already bigger than normal. Besides, the appointment is in a week and a half. He can wait.

My BFF Julie's daughter Amanda, who turns 16 today, got a big surprise last night. She got a car! Well not a car but a truck, and not just any truck, mind you, but the kind of truck she's wanted since she was a little girl. Her dad used to drive a little blue truck just like this, and that's what she's always wanted.

How priceless is the look on her face? Her brother Taylor looks, um, so happy for his sister (ha!)

Amanda, Eric and Max (Taylor's friend)

Oh boy...scary :)

Me, Amanda and E (below). By the way, Julie's kids Amanda and Taylor are like my own. Amanda and Eric act like brother and sister...they fight like siblings but are the best of friends. We lived three houses from each other for 15 years, we were single parents together, and our families both live out of state, so we relied (still do!) on each other a lot. We always celebrate birthdays together because we are each other's family.

This is at dinner before the big surprise. Amanda, Eric, Taylor and Max....


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