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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whole Lotta Nothin'

Hopefully you figured out how to subscribe to this blog. If so, then this got sent to you automatically. Now if you are spoiled (Krista), computer challenged (Mom), or lazy (Ryan), just let me know and I'll enter your email address in the box on the right and click "subscribe" FOR you. Sheesh. Seriously, people are emailing me saying, "Please keep sending me the blog!" If you subscribe, every time I update the blog it will automatically be emailed to you. And it's anonymous too. I have no way of seeing your email address and whether or not you subscribe. So if you're Brad Pitt and you don't want me to tell Angelina that you subscribe to my blog, I think you're safe. (Brad? Hello? Feel free to comment anytime.)

How is this for devastating-but-thankfully-nothing-to-do-with-me-or-my-family-but-still-really-sad news? The 70-year-old lady who bought my house two weeks ago? She died. Can you believe it? My realtor emailed me to let me know. She hadn't even moved in yet. She lived in Ohio and hadn't sold her house. I feel so bad for her. I don't know any details except that the day before the closing she was having some diabetes-related problems and had been in the hospital. But I had no idea she would die. She doesn't have any kids or a husband, so I'm not sure what happens with the house. I guess it goes to her estate. I drove by the house the other day to visit my friend Julie and it looks so sad and lonely. Somebody needs to live there.

Did you know....

...that if you do a whole lotta lunges after not working out for 3 weeks, it's really hard to walk? Don't ask me how I know that.

...that there are now "green" funerals which include a willow or bamboo casket, and the body is embalmed in a non-formaldehyde based fluid? Please, I'm all for recycling, but really. Just spread my ashes in a vegetable garden or turn me into a reusable cloth grocery bag. San Francisco is the first US city to prohibit plastic grocery bags. I could start a new trend there.

...that there is a company that makes flushable cat litter boxes? I mean, it really flushes. Don't believe me? Click here. Ryan, I'm getting you one of these for Milo so when you cat-sit you can skip the gloves and mask routine.

...that I still haven't heard from the doctor about an appointment for Eric? And yes I called and left a message again.

...that I now Twitter? Or is it Tweet. Whatever it is, I do it. Check the sidebar.

...that blogs are the new soap opera? Remember when our moms used to watch soap operas all day (can you say addicted?) Now if I could just figure out how to iron and read blogs at the same time. Hmmm....


Unknown said...

who are you kidding about ironing.

Anonymous said...

I know who could live there

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