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Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Wears Short Shorts?

I went shopping yesterday to find Eric some shorts. His school allows the kids to wear shorts (no cargos) and tennis shoes the first and last month of school. So starting on Monday he no longer has to wear pants and dress shoes. Did you know that nobody makes shorts for boys who are 6'6"? I did. I bought some at J. Crew anyway, knowing they would be too short. They were.

I didn't want to go home discouraged, so before I left the mall I bought lots of clothes for myself. It helped. I felt a lot better.

He still doesn't have shorts to wear on Monday.

The Majestics have a basketball tournament this weekend. Thankfully it's here in town. The first game is tomorrow at 8 am (who makes these schedules?) at McCluer North, the next one is at 11:30 am at Florissant Valley and there again at 2:30. Eric will probably get most of his playing time in the first game. Remember, his doctor did not give him any restrictions right now. She said if anything changes at his June appointment, then he will not be allowed to play. And of course if the doctor we see on May 13th puts any restrictions on him, that's it. Eric will have to become a golfer.


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