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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're Ready for Summer

Yeah, our pool just opened. One step closer to summer!!

Now if the weather would just cooperate. It's supposed to rain for the next five days.

This is not our house (below) but a house on our street. I just LOVE the pink azaleas and I wish they were in front of our house.

Some family news:

My stepdaughter Julie will be graduating with her Masters next week from Loyola-Chicago. So proud of her! She really likes Chicago and, at least for now, plans on staying there and looking for a job. Because she is so close, she comes home for visits quite often so we get to see her smiling face :)

My stepson Jason will be a senior at USC next year. This summer he plans to stay in L.A. to attend summer school and do research work to add to his resume. It's going to be quiet around here without him. Eric is working on getting K.C. in wrestling shape to take Jason's place.

My sister Krista, who still works as a flight attendant and I'm pretty sure by now qualifies for the occupation's term "dinosaur," will be coming to St. Louis 3 or 4 times in May on layovers for work. I'm so excited! They are just quick overnighters, but it'll give us just enough time to have coffee in the morning and go for a walk to do some sisterly catching up. Hopefully she's still speaking to me after the above statement. It's okay, Kris, dinosaurs are good!

So you know my brother Mike got accepted to UCLA, but we just found out he was awarded a scholarship. For what, I'm not sure, and it's not a huge amount of money, but every little bit helps! He will be given the scholarship award at an upcoming ceremony.

My brother Ryan is going into a radiology technician program and has been shadowing at the office of Drs. Kerlan and Jobe, the famous Dodgers, Lakers, Kings and Angels doctors. Ryan, who had a compound fracture of his ankle years ago while playing baseball, certainly will be able to sympathize with his patients!

And Garebo (Gary) is still painting his little heart out! Until recently he was working for quite awhile on Scarlet Johanssen and Ryan Reynold's house up in Beverly Hills or wherever famous people live. He also is constantly working on his own house, because, you know, when you have an ocean view like he does, you get kind of bored and have to shake things up. Move things there, paint things a different color here....

Mom is working as a private nurse for a man in Santa Barbara. He used to live where the famous people live (somewhere up on the hill's all the same to me), but his wife died recently and he moved to be closer to his family. She has to drive quite a ways, but she stays for a few days at a time.

My stepdad Bob still works for the L.A. Kings as a scout and spends a lot of time at their place in Palm Springs, which is beautiful by the way. One of these days I am going to stay there. Maybe even by myself.

My dad still works for the Florida Marlins as an advanced scout, traveling all over. Sometimes when I call him he can't remember where he is and has to check his schedule to find out. My stepmom Trudy often accompanies him. She says it's to check out all the different cities, but we all know it's to police his french fry consumption.

Me, I'm just enjoying life with my hubs, listening to his ensuing adventures of condo construction, waiting for nice weather so I can sit by our pool but dreading the annual bathing suit purchase (who knew I could turn so white and so flabby over the winter?). I'm really into reading now (instead of working out like I should), so if you subscribe to my posts, be sure to click on "Lynne's Letters" in blue at the bottom (or in gray at the top) to go to the actual site. I've been updating my book reviews as soon as I finish a book.

Eric only has about two weeks of school left. He is looking forward to summer, although we won't find out until May 13th if his summer will include basketball. We are anxiously awaiting his appointment. At the end of May, the JV and Varsity teams for next year are already holding basketball camp. We'll know soon whether or not he'll be able to join them.

Eric has a basketball tournament here this weekend. I am this close to keeping him from playing b-ball, only because the practices are i-n-t-e-n-s-e and I just can't sit there and watch him work his heart literally to death. It's not feeling right. At least until May 13th...

That's it for the bit of family news. Sorry. Big family.

Did I forget anyone? If you're in my family and I forgot to mention you, please write and let me know.


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