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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tournament Update


The Majestics beat a team from Atlanta by 4, so they go on to bracket play tomorrow. E said he didn't play for even a second. He sounded down compared to how he sounded after the game where he scored 8 points. I don't get the coach's strategy, but Eric plays so much better when he has confidence. Why would he not play him in this game too! Oh yeah, I'm not the coach. Forgot.

Last night the Majestics played a team from Chicago, one of the top ten teams in the nation and on which Derek Rose, with the Chicago Bulls, played. E's team lost to them by 2 points. He had very limited playing time in that one.

This morning's game was against a team from South Carolina and the Majestics beat them by 29. E had 8 points.

I'll let you know later how this afternoon's game goes.

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Unknown said...

Good girl Lyndzey...A little slow but getting better:-)

Unknown said...

I'm tryin', I'm tryin' :)

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