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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am extremely and incredibly thankful for Eric's appointment with the cardiologist: May 13th at 1:00 PM.

I asked that they please call if they have any cancellations and I will be there at the drop of a hat...well, within the hour anyway. After breaking it to me that they rarely have cancellations (this is Dr. Braverman we're talking about), they agreed to call in the event they do.

Oh, and did I mention how thankful I am for having a housekeeper! Praise the Lord.

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And I apologize in advance for this poem, but I'm going to print it anyway. This is what happens when you are sitting in the car, waiting for your son while he is at the trainer and you don't have a book to read. I read it to Eric when he got in the car and he told me it was corny. I'll share it anyway. What does he know.

How Would We Know?

If every day were springtime
and never had we rain
How would we know what beauty was
when it came around again

If every day were summer
and never winter came
How would we know what lovely was
if each day were the same

If every day we smiled
and never had we tears
How would we know that happiness
was something to hold dear

If only we had living
and never we saw death
How would we know the fullness
of our each and every breath


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