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Monday, April 20, 2009



Sorry, I have no confessions to make today, just pictures to share.

Stella on the outside looking in....

This plant was given to me by my brother when I had Eric 15 years ago. It's been in desperate need of a transplant to a bigger pot, but you know how that goes. That has not been at the top of my list.

Here it is all floppy and sad....

And here it is in its new home, standing up tall and pretty, with a few pencils and twist ties to give it a boost. (Who said I didn't have a green thumb. Ha!)

I took this picture yesterday of the rain. It's dreary but it sure makes everything lush and colorful. Makes me and my one green thumb want to plant some flowers.

The update on Eric's situation is that I'm still waiting to hear back from Dr. Braverman's nurse. I did speak with her this morning and gave her as much information as I could. She said she will talk to Dr. Braverman and hopefully he'll see Eric soon. The nurse knows I am worried because he is on a select basketball team.

At practice on Saturday - which was THREE hours long - I did tell the coach that Eric should not run suicides (must they call them that?). I told him that Eric's cardiologist is a little (just a little!) concerned about his heart and that she wants him to see another doctor. So until then he will need to sit out when the team runs suicides. I told him that Eric can scrimmage and do drills, but the suicides are just too much. I wasn't sure what the coach would tell the team as to why Eric got to sit out, but it was a moot point since he didn't make anyone run them.


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