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Monday, April 13, 2009

NOT ME! Monday


I did not hurt my back yesterday while twisting around to the back seat of the car while my foot was on the brake.

And because I did not do that...

I did not just have the best massage at Stonewater Spa an hour ago because I felt sorry for myself (and because I had a gift certificate.) Huh, uh! No way.

I did not feel guilty lying on the massage table with a eucalyptus-drenched towel draped across my eyeballs while someone was massaging my feet, because my husband was slaving away at work and he would give anything to have someone do that! No guilt whatsoever.

I did not enjoy for one minute being without child for the weekend and chauffering no one around but myself. I would never do such a thing.

I did not just order the new book "Columbine" from the library even though I announced I was taking a "true crime" hiatus. Nope, wasn't me.

I did not read in the paper that Ricky Schroeder from the movie Champ turned 39 today. Because if I did then I would feel really old. So I did not.

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