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Friday, April 10, 2009

If your eyes are on the visually challenged side, you can click to enlarge the cartoon. My dad sent me this. Love it.

I put Eric on a bus at 5:00 this morning for Knoxvayle, Tennesay!! Gotta say it with an aksayant... or don't say it all! (Reminds me of the basketball team I saw wearing T-shirts that said "Play Hard or Go Home." I like it.)

E was really disappointed I wasn't going and gave me the whole guilt trip via text messages - there are a bunch of parents on the bus with us, I wish you would have come, etc. Oh well, next time.

In the meantime, PARTAY!! Whilst treating me to a lovely ride on the guilt trip express, Eric said, "Well I guess you're going to have a nice break from me." Uh-huh. I told him I was going to stay out late and party it up! He just laughed. He knows I'll be in bed by 10. Perfect, just about the time they start their first game of the tournament, I'll be cozyin' up with my latest true crime novel. Ten o'clock is awful late for a game...for me anyway.

I'll keep you updated on tonight's game, and tomorrow's games are at 10:30 and 2:30.

Wow, I just got a text from my son as I'm writing this. They are still on the bus and are now in Tennessee. Does he tell me how beautiful the Smoky Mountains are? No, his text says Just saw the Tennessee Titans stadium. So cool!!

That's my boy.

As a side note, Eric told me the other day that he can now dunk. I'll have to see it for myself, because knowing Eric there is probably some kind of disclaimer that needs to be added, such as *while standing on someone's shoulders* or something.

Oh, and the signature? It's one of the many names given to me by my dad. I also go by Lyndzey Moejoeller or Lyndzey McGillicutty, amongst others. But Lyndzey McGurk is one of the shorter (and nicer) names he calls me. Ha!
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